Care Instructions

Jewelry must be used with conscience, as it is delicate like any other natural material, it is susceptible to damage and requires preventive maintenance measures such as cleaning and repairs. It is important that you remember that your jewelry is made of .925 sterling silver or gold and that some pieces have a surface treatment, these surface treatments gradually wear out over time and it is inevitable, at some point a new layer of gold or rhodium plating must be applied. The factors that accelerate the wearing down of your jewelry can be the natural pH of the skin (acid), contact with hard surfaces, sweat, perfume, chemicals, air pollution, etc., if you want your jewelry to look like new for much longer, follow the next recommendations.

Care Recommendations

-After usage, clean the jewelry with a flannel and store it in places away from moisture.

-Avoid direct contact with water, do not wear your jewelry in swimming pools, saunas or showering.

-To avoid tarnishing and damage of your jewelry keep them away from chemical products such as, make up, antibacterial gel, soap, perfume, hairspray, abrasive products, chlorine, detergents, oils & perfumes.

-Remove jewelry when doing exercise or household tasks, avoid impact with hard surfaces as much as possible.